Services for Faculty and Staff

The procurement team is available to provide assistance for the acquisition of goods and services. 

Our team can assist you with:

Corporate Cards - Travel and Purchasing

Dalhousie has three corporate card programs with the Bank of Montreal (BMO) MasterCard:

  • The Purchasing Card (P-Card): Shall be used for all purchases under $3,000 unless the vendor cannot accept credit card transactions.
  • The Travel Card: Used for university travel
  • The Fleet Card: Used for purchasing fuel and maintenance of a registered Dalhousie vehicle.

Some restrictions apply—review individual links for more information.

Corporate cards are the property of Dalhousie University and the cardholder’s personal credit rating is not a consideration in obtaining a card; nor will the cardholder’s personal credit rating be affected.

The university, the department and the cardholder are responsible to ensure that the corporate cards (Travel, Fleet or P-Card) are only used to make authorized purchases. Personal purchases are not permitted.


When goods are purchased for Dalhousie University from outside Canada, all goods are required to be reported to Canada Customs.  This includes all commercial goods, gifts, biological samples, and samples of any type.  Failure to report this can result in penalties and fines against Dalhousie University.  

Personal shipments imported into Canada are not to be addressed to Dalhousie University and will not be processed by the Procurement Department.

Dalhousie Customs would be pleased to offer assistance or provide more information.

Customs Clearance of Goods into Canada
Exporting from Canada
Temporary Importation of Goods into Canada
Information for Shippers and Suppliers
Goods Returning after Repair


Surplus Materials - Disposing or Purchasing

Surplus materials are equipment, furniture and supplies that were purchased with university funds and are no longer required. We dispose of these items through a process administered by the Procurement Department in conjunction with the university policies and procedures.

Financial and sustainability benefits will be delivered through procedures that maximize the opportunity for reuse of items and minimize the amount of material that enters the waste stream. 

It is important to remember surplus and obsolete material are property of Dalhousie University, and shall be disposed of in a manner that is environmentally sustainable.  View Disposal Instructions for more information. 

Surplus items sold will give internal requirements precedence over external requests. Departments wishing to obtain any items on this website are required to complete and submit a bid form.  View Purchase Instructions for more information.

Surplus Disposal Policy [PDF - 23kB]

For more information email

Online Services (Fisher, Sigma, VWR and Staples Advantage)

Dalhousie Procurement Department currently have four suppliers that offer discounted pricing for online orders.

P-Card or purchase orders are not required! Everything is paid automatically. Do not forward invoices or receipts to Accounts Payable, just place your order.

You instantly receive Dalhousie’s discounted pricing—no need to request a quote. Using your own online account may not automatically give you the discount.  Save money, get products faster and feel good about going green—you’ll be saving paper, time and money with Dalhousie’s discount.

Delegates ordering on the Grant/Research/Org# only need to be approved once on the application by the approving supervisor (unit authority). 

To obtain access to Dalhousie pricing, submit an application for a user ID and password through our department. You will be provided with a user ID and password within seven days.

Applications can scanned and e-mailed to or faxed to (902) 494-1534.

Purchase Orders

Purchase requisition/purchase order (PO): Where direct purchase options are not available, and for all purchases over $3,000 a purchase requisition is required to initiate the process of acquiring goods and services.
  • Employees will be required to initiate a purchase requisition with appropriate departmental approval.
  • The Procurement Department will obtain quotes based on the requested information.
  • Employees are permitted to obtain quotes from vendors if they;
    • Have approval from the Procurement Department to obtain the quotes.
    • Follow the university’s procurement policy and code of conduct when completing any procurement activity.
    • Prepare documents for records purpose that includes the quote request, copies of the submitted quotes and a summary of the quote responses. 
    • Submit a purchase recommendation along with an approved purchase requisition with the above documents to the Procurement Department for review and creation of a PO.
    • Do not advise or indicate the outcome of the quote process or a purchase commitment to any vendor.
  • The list of procurement consideration is helpful in determining purchase requirements. 
  • Agreements with vendors will be in the form of a PO or a contract. The nature of the purchase will determine which is used. 
  • The Procurement Department will create a PO and forward it to the successful vendor.
  • POs and contracts must be approved before work can commence.    
  • The successful vendor is required to confirm the accuracy of the PO with the Procurement Department.
  • Contract approval must be completed as per the document execution/contract signing authority policy.
  • A receiving copy of the PO will be forwarded to the requesting employee to confirm the details of the order and to send to the university Accounts Payable Department after satisfactory delivery of the goods or services.  

Supply Agreements - Internal and External

The Procurement Department and other university departments have established agreements and proceedures for the supply of commonly used goods and services.   

Goods and services that are supplied by departments within Dalhousie are listed as internal services. Employees will contact the appropriate department to order these items. 

Goods and services that are provided by suppliers to Dalhousie are listed as external agreements. Employees will follow normal purchasing procedures to order these items.

Taxi Chits

Dalhousie University and Casino Taxi currently have an agreement that allows departments to use chits for payment. To receive taxi chits, departments must complete an application and send it to the Procurement Department. 

Initial orders for taxi chits

Complete and submit a taxi chit application to the Procurement Department for processing and distribution. 

Ongoing requirements

The supervisor is required to approve the initial application and the person listed as the contact person will be the person responsible for reordering chits.  Chits will be delivered to the Procurement Department for distribution to the contact person.  Allow two weeks for reordered chits, requests for additional chits can be requested from:

Casino Taxi
Paula George

Departments will need to notify the Procurement Department immediately if there are changes to the contact person or account listed.

Using chits

Chits will be printed with the department’s name and account number. The passenger is responsible for providing the following information on the chit for each fare as highlighted below:

  • from (location)
  • to (destination)
  • date 
  • time
  • amount
  • total
  • sign

Lost or stolen chits

Departments are responsible for charges made using taxi chits assigned to them.  If chits should become lost or stolen, the contact person should contact Casino Taxi to report it immediately.

Invoicing and payment

Casino Taxi will submit a monthly consolidated invoice to Dalhousie’s Accounts Payable Department. Charges for individual fares will be distributed to the departmental/research account listed on the chit with the cost centre 8500. Each charge will contain the chit number.

Billing inquires should be directed to