Services for Faculty and Staff

The procurement team is available to provide assistance for the acquisition of goods and services.

Our Team can assist you with:

  • Purchasing Cards (P-Cards) - This card is used for purchasing goods and services under $10,000 (some restrictions apply).

  • Travel Cards - This card is used for payment for University Travel,  cardholders are responsible for direct payment to the Credit Card company.
  • Customs - Will assist with goods purchased for Dalhousie University from outside Canada, all goods are required to be reported to Canada Customs.  
  • Online Ordering - A program to allow you to order direct with one of four supplies that offer discounted pricing online, Fisher, Sigma, VWR and Staples Advantage.  
  • Purchase Requisitions / Purchase Orders (PO's) - Where direct purchase options are not available under $10,000 and for all purchases over $10,000 a purchase requisition is required to initiate the process of acquiring goods and services.

  • Disposal of University surplus materials and equipment - Surplus materials are equipment, furniture and supplies that were purchased with university funds and are no longer required. We dispose of these items through a process administered by the Procurement Department in conjunction with the university policies and procedures.

  • Shredding Services (Shred-it login requried) - Provides shredding bins in your office.

September 22, 2021

Unfortunately Dalhousie is currently experiencing significant service delays with Shred-it and we are working on a solution. For immediate needs, please contact Iron Mountain (you will need to use a P-Card for payment). Iron Mountain cannot service existing Shred-it bins (most depts don’t have access due to security risks), they can only purge from boxes. We are sourcing a short term Contract for console (bin) service, Iron Mountain cannot provide consoles (bins) at this time.

For bulk shred and banker boxes only, provide the following to Kevin via e-mail:

Send E-mail to:
506.566.1439 – mobile/portable

  1. Please provide the specific address the boxes/bins would be located ?
  2. Are there any stairs (interior or exterior) leading to the location where the boxes/bins will be located?
  3. Is there an elevator available on site?  Will boxes/bins be staged on a loading dock (and will boxes be palletized)?
  4. Do you require the shredding to be completed on-site (in the Iron Mountain shredding vehicle) or can it be completed off-site (at our warehouse)?
  5. How many boxes to be shredded?
  6. If you already have an existing Iron Mountain Customer ID number, please provide.
  • Supply agreements - The Procurement Department and other university departments have established agreements and proceedures for the supply of commonly used goods and services.   We have both internal services (departments within Dalhousie), employees will contact the appropriate department to order these items and external agreements. Employees will follow normal purchasing procedures to order these items.
  • Taxi Chits - Dalhousie University and Casino Taxi currently have an agreement that allows departments to use chits for payment.