Office Printing

Office print and copy equipment is available through Printing Services and supplied through a University contract with Konica Minolta. The equipment can be networked to make multiple functions available including printing, scanning, photocopying, and faxing.

Departments are charged an all-in-one cost per impression which includes the use of the equipment, toner supplies, and service and maintenance.

In addition, Printing Services promotes a Document Production Strategy as part of our management of the fleet of multifunctional devices (MFDs). Benefits include:

  • A reduction in the overall operating cost of document production equipment in your department through the use of MFD equipment
  • Access to multiple functions through one device, allowing for a reduction in the number of single function devices in use
  • Increased document security (MFDs are housed on a high security server at Dalhousie and hard drives on outgoing equipment are removed and turned over to Dalhousie)
  • Support for Dalhousie’s operational, financial and sustainability objectives
  • Compliance with the University’s Paper Policy