The Presidential Search Committee

The Presidential Search Committee is established by the Board of Governors under the Senior Administrative Appointment Policy and Procedures.

The search committee will be chaired by Lawrence Stordy, chair of the Dalhousie University Board of Governors. The chair is a non-voting member of the committee, except when necessary to break a tie vote.

The full membership of the committee consists of an equal number of Board-appointed members and non-Board-appointed members. As per the policy, the majority of non-Board-appointed members are appointed by Senate.

Members of the Search Committee and supporting administrative staff have signed a Charter of Expectations.  To view a copy of the charter, please click here.


Lawrence Stordy (Board Chair)

Board-appointed members

Cassandra Dorrington

Robert Hanf

The Honourable A. Anne McLellan (Chancellor)

Sherry Porter

Robert Richardson

Candace Thomas (Board Vice-Chair)

Non-Board-appointed members

Senate-appointed members

Dr. Roberta Barker (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences)

Dr. Frank Harvey (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences)

Dr. Kevin Hewitt (Faculty of Science; Chair of Senate)

Dr. Louise Spiteri (Faculty of Management)

Dalhousie Student Union appointed member

Aaron Prosper (DSU President)

Staff member

Ian Nason (Vice-President Finance and Administration)