Videography Support

The Centre for Learning and Teaching now has a videographer to support you in your video creation for online courses. The videographer can work with those who have complex recording needs, including recording lab or equipment demonstrations, simulations, field trips, or any other situations where you need the physical world to be brought into online learning spaces. Videography services are free.

Videography support is available to all Dalhousie campuses, including Saint John, Truro, Yarmouth, as well as the University of King’s College.

If you think your course could benefit from having videos of labs, demonstrations, reference guides, etc, contact the CLT at or our videographer Jake Nissen directly at

Jake will be able to get the process started with a consultation, answer any questions, or provide guidance on how best to meet your video needs. 

Videography support is provided by CLT with Strategic Initiatives Funding (SIF) provided by the Provost’s Office to the Dalhousie Libraries.