Lecture Capture

The core principle of Flexibility encourages you to record your face-to-face (either in person or synchronous online) lectures and make them available on Brightspace to students to re-listen at their own pace and on their own time. Some classrooms on Dalhousie campuses are equipped with Panopto software that allows you to record your voice, slides, and/or classroom. (Note: live lecture capture allows you to record your presentation and post it for asynchronous viewing in Brightspace; it does not allow students to attend your lecture virtually, in real time, as described in the Dual Mode and HyFlex models of blended learning.)

There are three methods for using live lecture capture in classes with in-person components:

Method 1: Rooms where you can use your own device

These rooms contain an automated recorder and sometimes a camera to capture audio, video, and data. You must use the microphone system in the room to teach.

If you are teaching in a classroom that is available for automated lecture capture, you will be notified in Brightspace and asked whether you would like to schedule a recording. Please email intech@dal.ca with any questions or concerns.

McCain Ondaatje Hall (audio/data recorder only)
McCain Scotiabank Auditorium (audio/data recorder and camera)
Dunn 117 (audio/data recorder only)
LSC 240 (audio/data recorder and camera)

Method 2: Rooms where you must use the podium PC

This includes Panopto software downloaded onto podium PCs in classrooms that allows for automated lecture capture to capture audio and data. You must use the podium PC in the room and microphone system (if there is one) to teach. Rooms without in-house microphone systems are outfitted with stationary USB microphones.

CHEB: 140, 150, 170, 264, 266, 268
Chemistry: 125
Computer Science: 127
Dentistry: 3156, 3157, 4116
Dunn: 302, 304
Hicks: 212
Killam: MacMechan Auditorium, 2902
LSC: 202, 206, 208, 210, 212, 214, 216, 220, 234, 236, 242, 244, 332, 334, 338
LSC Psychology: 4208, 4260, 5208
McCain: 2184
Mona Campbell: 1107, 1108, 2107, 3235 (SLWK)
Rowe: 1007, 1009, 1011, 1014, 1016, 1028, 3001, 3089, 5001
Sexton: B225, B227, B228, B229, B308, B310, B311, D410, D501, G215, MA120, MA121, MA220, MA222
Tupper: Theatre A, Theatre B, Theatre C, Theatre D, T3H1

Method 3: Personal capture

You can capture a live lecture using your personal device. This will require you to download the Panopto recording software on your personal device and set it up to record prior to your lecture. A USB mic is recommended to take full advantage of this method of capture. 

The Classroom Recording Protocol governs the use of recorded lectures by instructors and students. Please refer to the Protocol to help protect your intellectual property and to maintain the privacy rights of individuals, including your students and guest lecturers in your class.

Rooms being converted to allow for lecture capture

We are always in progress of updating our campus teaching technologies. The following rooms are being outfitted with lecture capture hardware and software and will be ready for use by September 2021:

Burbidge: 310
Chemistry: 223
Cox: 153, 184, 251, 255, 277, 354, 356, 358, 360, 370, 374, 377, 383
Dunn: 135
Henry Hicks: 217
Killam: 2622, 4106
LSC: 238, O3655
McCain: 1102, 1116, 1130, 1170, 1198, 2102, 2198
Rowe: Potter Auditorium
Sexton: D406, G109, Medjuck HA19