Teaching Support

The Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT) and Academic Technology Services (ATS) of the Dalhousie Libraries partner with the faculties to support online teaching. 

The Centre for Learning & Teaching (CLT), the Dalhousie Libraries’ Academic Technology Services unit (ATS), and Faculties Partner to Support Online Teaching for Fall Courses 

CLT and ATS’s goal is to meet the needs of course instructors at Dalhousie and King’s to ensure quality online teaching. We understand the needs of each Faculty will vary based on existing resources, disciplinary context, and individual instructor experience with online teaching and learning.  

The CLT staff, including additional Educational Developers temporarily hired by CLT to support online teaching, continue to work with team leads in the Faculties to hold group meetings and workshops/webinars, and to work directly with individual instructors to design online courses. ATS, with extra staff/graduate student course builders in place, supports technical needs, online teaching software support, course building, and training in Brightspace.   

ATS and CLT work together — and jointly with the Faculties and individual course instructors — to encourage partnerships, offer course design support, and provide training. In addition, the Dalhousie Libraries have course-specific supports. For quick response, instructors should contact ATS for technical support and CLT for pedagogical support.

Phase I - Course Design Support


  1. CLT continues to reach out to Faculties and instructors to discuss course design or review their existing course plan. Faculty leads and individual instructors can contact the CLT team using the subject heading: Fall Support for Course ABCD1234.
  2. Instructors can book an appointment with an Educational Developer from CLT to create or review their course plan and course development strategy. Appointments are available via virtual meetings in Teams or by telephone. Support is also available via email.
  3. Faculty can consult online resources, including:
  4. CLT provides ongoing pedagogical support, as needed, to instructors both during Phase II, the course build phase (see below), and while the course is running, as issues or questions arise. 

Phase II - Development of the Brightspace Course

  1. Course instructors engage in course site development with additional support from course builders either from their own Faculty, if available, and/or with support from ATS and CLT.
  2. Course Builders from ATS implement the course design in Brightspace along with other instructional tools as determined.
  3. A collaborative course site development process continues between the instructor and the supports available, which includes support from ATS and CLT, and could include support from within their Faculty. This collaborative process will work in line with the instructor’s course development strategy document and is consistent with Dalhousie’s expectations for quality online courses as outlined in the Online Quality Guidelines.
  4. Dalhousie Libraries provides the following supports:

Phase III - Ongoing Training and Support for Instructors

ATS coordinates all training and support for instructors on Brightspace and all other instructional tools that enhance the online learning experience.

ATS provides:

Technologies are rapidly evolving. If you have an interest in technologies that Dalhousie does not currently support, contact the Rapid Tool Review Task Force in ATS.

ATS provides ongoing technical support for instructors during the course design and course build processes. Instructors should contact ATS with the subject line: Course Build Request Course ABCD1234 and attach their course development strategy document.

CLT provides ongoing pedagogical support by email, by phone, or in virtual meetings via Teams as the course develops. Contact us to schedule a consultation.