The resources listed below are endorsed by Dalhousie University. The policies listed have been approved by Senate and must be adhered to. If you have any questions about the resources below or would like to see additions to this list, please contact us.

Resources for online teaching

Policies, guidelines, and protocols


*Until further notice, please disregard the requirement to use the Media Release Form in the Classroom Recording Protocol as the means of obtaining permission to record guest lecturers in your class. The form is more useful for in-person classes and was not created with the online teaching environment in mind.

Consent to be recorded must still be obtained from all guest lecturers; confirming their consent via e-mail or text message is adequate. Please also advise all guests how the recordings will be used and how long the recordings will be kept.

This change from the Protocol has been vetted by Senate (through the Chair and Vice-Chair Student Affairs) as the approver of the Protocol, Legal Counsel, the Academic Quality Team, and the Dean of Libraries. The Senate Learning and Teaching Committee will review the Protocol in the fall to determine whether an amendment to address this matter is recommended. For additional guidance please contact

Last updated: Monday, August 31, 2020