New to Online Teaching

Dalhousie University course instructors new to online teaching have a wide range of services and supports available to them. Dal's Learning Management System (LMS), Brightspace, includes a number of add-on components that integrate well for teaching online. 

The Centre for Learning and Teaching and Dal Libraries' Academic Technology Services staff members are available to support you to teach your courses online. 

Below are a few steps to consider to prepare for online teaching at Dalhousie:

1. Set realistic goals

Educational Developers at the CLT can help with your course design and course development plan

Develop your course syllabus with asynchronous teaching in mind. Since students may also be thrown off by learning online, they would appreciate details whenever you can provide them.

2. Asynchronous instruction

To move forward with your online teaching in asynchronous ways, consider:

  • Creating video lectures via Panopto to post in Brightspace for your students
  • Post readings for your learners
  • Share your PowerPoint and lecture notes

Instructional Tools:

Brightspace can host content, as well as offer engagement opportunities through tools such as Discussions, Groups, Surveys, Assignments, and Quizzes.

Panopto is a video capture tool. It serves two main functions for instructors when teaching remotely:  

a) Video lectures: In this case, faculty can create a video lecture for their students and make it available in Brightspace for learners to watch.

b) Streaming videos: Panopto is like Dalhousie’s very own internal YouTube service. Both instructors and students can upload videos for viewing. Students can also upload videos for assignments.

3. Design your course

Educational developers at the Centre for Learning & Teaching can help you design your course. Learning outcomes, course syllabus, and assessment plans all require careful planning.

4. Build your course

Course Builders are available to assist you in building your course. 

There may be existing resources within your department or faculty to assist you as well, so please connect with your department administrator.