Atlantic Common University Data

The Atlantic Provinces’ universities have worked cooperatively to develop and assemble the ACUDS. This is an online tool for students, parents and the public that complements the extensive amount of information that universities make publicly available. This dataset allows users to access and compare data that is based on common definitions and is displayed in a similar format. Most of data refers to the previous academic or fiscal year, although tuition and fees are reported for the current academic year. 

ACUDS offers key data such as:

  • Types of degrees offered
  • Number of degrees offered
  • Tuition fees
  • Enrolment
  • Undergraduate class sizes
  • Research awards granted

View the ACUDS for 2013


View the ACUDS for 2014 [795 KB]

For questions, please e-mail:

For a list of all Atlantic university common datasets, visit the: Association of Atlantic Universities - ACUDS