Melina Kourantidou

Melina Kourantidou

Dr. Melina Kourantidou is an environmental and resource economist. She holds a PhD in economics from the University of Southern Denmark and is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Dalhousie University, affiliated with the Ocean Frontier Institute. Her long-term research interests include interdisciplinary approaches that apply economic theory and methods to environmental issues in order to improve management strategies and help ensure sustainable development and healthy resilient ecosystems. Her work is grounded in marine resource management and governance issues, with a particular focus in the Arctic. Her research integrates natural and social science research and focuses specifically on the effects induced by the recent ecological and related socioeconomic changes taking place in the Arctic marine environment. She has previously worked in both the private and public sector and has been involved in projects with a focus on environmental resource management, fishery economics, forest economics and policy-making.

In her own words

Why does policy matter?

Natural and social sciences have come a long way in helping coastal communities face resource-related challenges but are beholden on policy-making to make a difference on the ground and provide tangible benefits to these communities. Misguided or inadequate policies for marine resource management can be imminent and costly for both the marine ecosystem and the communities that depend on it. Careful design of policies is therefore critical for achieving socially and environmentally desirable outcomes.  

What do you hope to accomplish during your time as a founding fellow?

My research seeks to inform policy recommendations for fisheries management in the Arctic. I expect that it can aid practitioners, conservation managers and local stakeholders reach better and more far-sighted decisions for marine resource management. I plan to develop of a set of tools that will become available to policy makers for optimal management of marine resources, with a long-term view for maintaining healthy marine ecosystems and strengthening resilience of coastal communities.