Nick Tentomas

Personal Leadership profile: Facilities Management employee

Nick Tentomas, a native of Greece, began his career at Dalhousie nearly 20 years ago. He works in the Facilities Management department as a manager of systems and project development.

Nick began competing in marathons, after joining an informal running club at Dalhousie consisting of coworkers and spouses. This past year, he ran three, full marathons with his best time yet at the PEI Marathon, clocking in at 2 hours, 57 minutes and 10 seconds.

“I have more energy and I’m happier and stronger after I run,” he says. “I apply the same concepts to my work as I do marathons. I break down the number of kilometres I have to complete in a marathon into more manageable chunks, and I do this with my work too. Running also gives me time to clear my head and often that is when I come up with solutions to work or life challenges.”

What does personal leadership look like to you?

Personal leadership is the ability to live a balanced, fulfilling and harmonic life through conscious, individual choices. A life where no goal is impossible and any dream is achievable through a positive attitude, along with hope, optimism, planning, focus, belief, commitment, perseverance and hard work. A life where failure makes one stronger and wiser and is accepted as an unavoidable pain in the journey to achieve your dreams.

How do you demonstrate personal leadership at work?

Time at work is part of my daily life and therefore the same principals I have for my personal life are applied to work. Nothing has ever been impossible. Obstacles and occasional difficulties are there to prove that there is always space for improvement. In my view, life would be boring without obstacles and we would not get the same euphoric sense of accomplishment if we did not have problems to overcome to get there. My personal experiences have taught me that positive energy propels us to achieve our goals. I believe that being pleasant, respectful and positive in interactions that I have with my co-workers assist in the flow of the positive energy in the organization and aids in the goals and dreams we want to achieve at Dalhousie.

What do you think is the most important aspect of personal leadership?

In my view, leading by example (i.e. walk the talk, and in my case run the race) as well as believing in yourself and being focused and knowing where you are the most important aspects of personal leadership.

What impact does your personal leadership have on the people that work with you?

I have noticed several of my coworkers trying to improve their life style and be healthier by doing more physical activities like walking, biking, running as well as eating better. I would like to believe that my life style as a runner has contributed to this in some way.