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Academic Leaders' Toolkit

Dalhousie’s strategic priorities

Inspiration and Impact: Dalhousie’s Strategic Direction 2014-2018 outlines Dalhousie's 25 strategic priorities and measurable goals. The document is located on the #DalForward site, which gives background to Dalhousie’s strategic direction development and implementation.

Dalhousie University governance

An organizational chart showing the Governance structure of Dalhousie University.


Dalhousie maintains the Leaders website of resources for Academic and Administrative leaders.

Diversity and inclusiveness

Fostering a collegial culture grounded in diversity and inclusiveness is one of Dalhousie’s key strategic priorities.

Human Rights & Equity: Anne Marie Delorey, 494-2704, Annemarie.Delorey@dal.ca
Harassment Prevention/Conflict Management: Melissa MacKay, 494‑1137, Melissa.Mackay@dal.ca

Institutional policies, procedures and guidelines

The secretariat maintains a database of all current institutional policies, procedures and guidelines. This is the key repository and Leaders should ensure that their units’ sites link to this central resource.

Student success

Student success as measured by retention and degree completion is another key priority of Dalhousie.

Advising and Access Services: Quenta Adams, 494-3077, Quenta.Adams@Dal.Ca
Writing Centre: Margie Clow Bohan, 494- 3379, C.Bohan@Dal.Ca

Teaching and learning

The Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT) works in partnership with academic units, faculty members, and graduate students to enhance the practice and scholarship of learning and teaching.

Dalhousie provides support for colleagues innovating in program and course design.

Research strategy, planning and development

Manager of Research Accounting: Lynn Burgess, 494-1703, Lynn.Burgess@dal.ca
Research Services Legal Advisor: Jody Rice Gallagher, 494-3431, Jody.Rice@dal.ca
Executive Director: Nancy Hayter, 494-3859, Nancy.Hayter@dal.ca
Research Ethics: Catherine Connors, 494-1462, Catherine.Connors@dal.ca
Scholarly Integrity: Mark Filliagi, 494-7102, Mark.Filiaggi@dal.ca
International Research & Development: Pat Rodee, 494-1743, Pat.Rodee@dal.ca
Industry Liaison & Innovation: Stephen Hartlen, 494-3237, Stephen.Hartlen@dal.ca

Human resource development

Human Resources information is located in two key places:
      1) an internal site (login access) targeted to employees and
      2) a website accessible by all

Human Resource policies

Financial management

Communications, media & external relations

Legal Counsel

University Legal Counsel: Karen Crombie, 494-3191, Karen.Crombie@dal.ca

Environmental Health and Safety

Safety Office: 494-2495, Safety.Office@dal.ca