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Postdoctoral Fellows

Linnea Veinotte, Postdoctoral Fellow in Microbiology

Linnea Veinotte performs “cancer surveillance.” “I do immunology research which focuses on natural killer T cells,” Ms. Veinotte says. “These are a type of immune cells that play many important roles in our body’s defense against infection and disease.” Originally from Lunenberg, Ms. Veinotte has studied biology across Canada and spent five years doing research at the British Columbia Cancer Research Center. Now Ms. Veinotte – a post-doctoral Killam fellow – works on immunology research with Dr. Brent Johnston.

“Receiving a Killam Fellowship has been very useful in allowing me to participate in the national immunology community by funding travel expenses. It has allowed me to present my research to a broad audience,” she says. “I also believe that having the Killam fellowship will aid my future funding and academic position applications. It is a prestigious award.”

She hopes to soon share her discoveries with others. “I’m participating in Dalhousie’s Certificate in University Teaching and Learning and this has really inspired me to include teaching in my career. I’m very interested in teaching university students,” says Ms. Veinotte, who hopes to eventually enjoy the challenge of running her own lab.