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Microsoft Office 365


Lync is a great tool for online communications, whether it's chat and instant messaging, or audio and video conferences.

Chat and instant messaging

How often do you send or receive emails containing just one question or comment? Improve efficiency (and keep your inbox clutter down) by using Lync to share these messages.

  • Add Dal coworkers you regularly interact with to your contact list.
  • Set up groups of contacts for different areas: your department, another team you work with, etc.
  • Change your online status to let your contacts know your availability. 
  • Send files securely to others.

Audio and video conferences

Lync is great for web conferences, if you can't attend a meeting in person or have large groups that are meeting from different locations. If your computer or mobile device has a microphone and camera, you can create or join an online meeting.

Find out more

Visit the following link on the Microsoft website for more information: