Propose an International Agreement (Dal faculty+staff)

International Academic Partnership Agreements

International Academic Partnership Agreements require careful consideration and coordination by the University. All International Academic Partnerships require a champion from Dalhousie to propose and steward the partnership successfully. International Academic Partnerships include MOU/MOA, student exchanges, study abroad programs, joint programs, faculty exchanges, international placements, and admissions agreements. The Office of International Relations is reponsible to ensure that all new International Academic Partnership agreements are vetted appropriately. 

Note: International Research Agreements are covered by a separate process. For information, contact International Research and Development, Research Services.

There are several principles guiding Dalhousie's international engagement. International Academic Partnership agreements should:

  • Enhance the reputation and raise the profile of Dalhousie University
  • Create opportunities for effective and beneficial international engagement
  • Impact academic programs and students
  • Allow access to funding opportunities
  • Align with academic institutional priorities and strategic research areas

Proposing a New Agreement

Dalhousie faculty and staff who wish to propose an International Academic Partnership should contact the Office of International Relations. The faculty or staff member will be asked to submit Notice of Intent with respect to the proposed partnership (the template will be provided by the Office of International Relations). 

The Notice of Intent and other supporting materials will be reviewed by Dalhousie's International Coordination Committee. If the proposal meets the principles for defining Dalhousie's international engagement, the committee will confirm its approval.

The Office of International Relations, or designate, will work with the stakeholders at Dalhousie and at the partner institution to negotiate a final agreement. Legal counsel at both institutions must give final approval before the agreement is signed. At Dalhousie, International Academic Partnership Agreements can be signed by the President, Provost and VP Academic, or VP Research.

Translation: The OIR may already have translated copies of pre-approved agreement templates in certain languages. However, if translation is required for an agreement outside of the available pre-approved templates, translation costs will be the responsibility of the proposing Faculty. If an affidavit of authenticity is required for translation, the cost is the responsibility of the requesting Faculty.

Renewing an Agreement

Agreements are typically renewed every five years (or more frequently). There is a formal process to renew an International Academic Partnership agreement. Please contact the Office of International Relations at least six months before the expiry of your agreements.

Terminating an Agreement

There is a formal process to terminate an International Academic Partnership agreement. Agreements can be terminated at any time. Please contact the Office of International Relations to discuss the termination of partnerships.