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Dalhousie Abroad


The Office of International Relations assists in coordinating delegation visits abroad made by Dalhousie faculty and staff. Visits may involve discussions of partnership opportunities for university wide agreements, research collaborations, study abroad or exchange programs, and/or joint credit or joint programs.

International travel policy
Travellers are encouraged to consult the Dalhousie international travel policy for helpful information on travel warnings, the Travel Abroad Emergency Contact Form and more.

Travellers are also encourages to review Canadian government information on travelling abroad.

Register before you go
It's quick and easy and, most importantly, it helps keep you connected to Canada in case of an emergency abroad. Register with Foreign Affairs Trade and Development Canada. 

Need a travel advance?
Dalhousie faculty and staff traveling abroad may request a travel advance for international travel. Please contact Financial Services for more information.

Travel resources
Browse more travel resource information and advisories from the Research Services "travel resources" section at the bottom of their "Additional Resources" page.