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How you can help to prevent Sexual Harassment

  • Don't use or share words, jokes and comments of a sexual nature that may offend, embarass or hurt others.
  • If you are unsure whether your behaviour is welcome, ask.
  • Be aware that cultures different from your own may interpret actions differently than you do.
  • Don't use power positions to initiate sexual relationships (even subtly).
  • Make sure your attitudes and behaviour don't condone harassing behaviour in others.
  • Be supportive to those who have been sexually harassed.
  • Accept that NO means NO.
  • Be aware that the effects of your behaviours may be harassing to others, even if this was not your intention.
  • Alcohol use does not excuse harassing behaviour. Drink responsibly.
  • Help others modify inappropriate behaviour.
  • Be sensitive to the feelings, verbal and non-verbal reactions of others and listen carefully to what they are saying to you.