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Sexual Harassment Policy

Policy Statement

The University occupies a special place in society as an intellectual community with a responsibility for the discovery and sharing of knowledge. This aspiration demands a commitment to an atmosphere of reciprocal respect among all members of the university community. Sexual harassment potentially undermines the full and free participation of all members of the community by negatively impacting on an individual’s employment conditions or academic status or performance or by creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive working or academic environment.

Dalhousie University does not tolerate sexual harassment of any kind. The University regards sexual harassment as unacceptable behaviour that is subject to a wide range of disciplinary measures, including dismissal or expulsion from the University.

In Dalhousie’s Policy, sexual harassment includes, but is not limited to:

  • sexual solicitation or advance of a repeated, persistent or abusive nature made by a person who knows or ought reasonably to know that such solicitation or advance is unwanted;
  • implied or expressed promise of reward for complying with a sexually-oriented suggestion;
  • actual reprisal or denial of opportunity, or an expressed or implied threat of reprisal or denial of opportunity, for a refusal to comply with a sexually-oriented suggestion;
  • sexually-oriented remarks or behaviour on the part of a person who knows or ought reasonably to know that such remarks or behaviour may create a negative psychological or emotional environment for work, study or participation in a University-related activity or program.

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