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Effects on academic performance

Sexual assault violates the most basic human trust and sense of safety. Someone who has been assaulted may feel unable to trust anyone, especially if the assault was committed by someone she/he knows.
Most people who are sexually assaulted know the perpetrator, whether it is an acquaintance, friend, partner, family member or employer. Sometimes the victim is blamed. Instead of holding the perpetrator responsible, people may question why he/she went to the room or was it something that they were wearing. As a result, victims of sexual assault may feel stigmatized or shamed.
Survivors of sexual assault frequently second guess themselves and wonder "what if I hadn't done this or that…?" Many keep the assault a secret and do not tell anyone. They may lose self-confidence and isolate themselves from friends and family.

Effects on academic performance

Students who have been assaulted are frequently unable to keep up with their studies. Students may:

  • Be unable to concentrate, read or study for any length of time
  • Feel uncomfortable going to class or being in large groups 
  • Skip classes or labs
  • Be late on assignments and miss tests or exams 
  • Drop courses

If your studies are suffering as a result of assault, there are people who can help you:

Don't wait until your academic year falls apart.