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Who can help?

Human Rights & Equity Services

Advice for both employees and managers on conflict management and harassment prevention strategies.
Email: dalrespect@dal.ca
Phone: 494-6672

Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)
Counselling and information source regarding a wide range of individual, family and workplace issues.
Phone: 1-866-347-2067

Human Resources
Information on employment issues, advice on management practices, and support for improvement strategies.
Employee Relations: 494-1958
Academic Staff Relations: 494-2962

Facilitated group discussions
Facilitator-led sessions for problem-solving, decision-making, or planning activities
Email: EOD@Dal.ca
Phone: 494-1115

Workplace Health Initiative
Implementation of improvement initiatives that contribute to progress toward healthier workplaces.
Email: Janice.MacInnis@Dal.ca
Phone: 494-4568