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Respect Week

Respect Week is a campus-wide initiative that aims to build on the university’s annual Pink Day. Throughout the week (September 26-30, 2016), a series of events will be held on campus, providing an opportunity for people to discuss how we can further develop a respectful campus environment and reduce harassment, intimidation and bullying.

Dalhousie is a community where everyone has a shared responsibility for establishing and maintaining a culture of respect. With this year’s theme of ‘Pride. Safety. Inclusion.’, it is our hope the Dalhousie community will be inspired to think critically and act with intent to create a safe, inclusive environment that we can all be proud of'.

(The dates below reflect events that happened in 2016.)

Monday, September 26

Compliments Day

Get REAL will be handing out compliment cards to students to raise awareness about Respect Week.
All day, Studley and Sexton Campus

Let's talk about Respect

Dalhousie's Centre for Learning and Teaching will host a discussion group focusing on the concept of respect within the context of classrooms, teacher-student relationships, and teaching and learning. This will be an informal, safe, and open environment where faculty, staff, and graduate students can share their own experiences, understandings, and approaches with/of/to respect.
11:00am - 12:30pm room B400 in Killam Library

Tuesday, September 27

I am Dal-AC…Dal-AC is me!

The International Office and partners are asking, “Who is Dal-AC?” stop by for a free snack, and help us explore the diverse identities of the #Aggies in our campus community!
10-11am, Tables in: Cox, Haley, Banting, Student Services

Creating respect and equity for transgender students in our classrooms

Faculty, staff and graduate student teaching assistants (TAs) all work hard to be inclusive in their teaching. However, issues of sexual identity and gender is not something many educators think about in their daily lives. Students in our classrooms are more aware than ever of who they are, are comfortable and encouraged to voice their gender and sexual identities, and want to see their own experiences reflected in their learning environments.
1 - 2:30pm, Killam Library, Room B400

G.R.I.T. Resilience Training

This workshop is now at capacity; please check Human Resource's Employee Learning Calendar in the future for this event: https://register-eod.dal.ca/index.php  

Meet the Dean

Join Dalhousie Agricultural Student's Association fpr Meet the Dean! Stop by the DASA office beforehand to drop a question in their question box and watch Dean David Gray answer them.
5:20-6:30pm, DASA Lounge (Agricultural Campus)

Respect in Res

A workshop for students to provide a safe space to talk about gender and sexual identity and to educate on how to create an inclusive environment at Dal. Hosted by Dal Get REAL.
7 - 8pm, Gerrard Hall

Wednesday, September 28

Caregiver Support and Discussion (Dying with Dignity)

The stresses and challenges of caring for others are numerous and can take their toll, affecting the caregiver and the one receiving care, as well as the caregiver's family, friends and workplace.  This discussion group provides space and time to share, connect, and rejuvenate, with emphasis on adult/elder caregiving.
12:00-1:00pm Room 3207, Mona Campbell Building

Ally vs Accomplice Lunch and Learn

Join HREHP and South House for a moderated lunch and learn discussion exploring the difference between being an ally and being an accomplice. We will focus on themes such as: redistribution of power and resources, rewriting equality rhetoric, moving beyond sameness, the ally industrial complex, and the importance of care within academia. The Lunch and learn will be moderated by the incredible Dr. Barbara Hamilton-Hinch.
The concept of accomplices not allies comes from the brilliant writing of Indigenous Action Media (http://www.indigenousaction.org/accomplices-not-allies-abolishing-the-ally-industrial-complex/)
12 - 1pm, Mona Campbell, room 1108

Show Respect and Eat it Too!

Students, staff and faculty are invited to identify a way they will intentionally show respect throughout Respect Week. A word representing this can be written on a cookie with icing. By naming this and “eating” their word, they are making a commitment to act upon this.
1-2:00pm, Risley Hall lobby

Elephant in the Room, Diversity & Conversation Series

Join South House and the Office of Human Rights, Equity & Harassment Prevention for the Elephant in the Room, an interactive conversation on diversity and inclusion and why inclusive, respectful communities are the responsibility of us all. Access Notes: Childcare available upon request. Snacks provided. An active listener will be on site during the workshop.
4:30-6:30pm, International Centre

Respect in Res

Dal Get REAL is hosting a workshop for students to provide a safe space to talk about gender and sexual identity and to educate on how to create an inclusive environment at Dal.
7:30 - 8:30pm, Risley Hall Conference room

Thursday, September 29

Pink Day Cake

Look for us on Carleton Campus and Sexton Campus, we will be giving away pink cake in celebration of Pink Day!
Carleton campus link & Sexton campus lounge (main floor, next to the soccer field)

Pink Day/RESPECT Day Cake & Apples

Students, Staff, Faculty are invited to enjoy a treat of Cake & Apples on the Agricultural Campus. A photobooth will also be setup!
12:00-1:00 Cox Institute, Main Foyer

Pink Day BBQ

Student, staff, and faculty are encouraged to join us on the Studley Quad for our annual BBQ.
12-1pm Studley Quad, Halifax

Get REAL at the Pink Day BBQ

Get REAL will be handing out (free) Freeman’s pizza to students/staff/faculty, hosting a photo booth surrounding breaking down stereotypes and hosting their Get REAL booth for anyone to ask questions, buy hats or get involved!
12-1 in the Studley Quad

Sister2Sister: Get in Formation

Join other Sisters from the Dalhousie and Halifax community to talk about how you will and how to develop your inner circle of support. Food will be provided.
This event is for racialized, female identified students only.
Please RSVP to dalrespect@dal.ca
3:30-5pm, CHEB room 140

Dreaming Beyond Your Circumstance

Black Student Advising Centre in collaboration with the Multifaith Centre invites you to join us in a motivational talk by Tracey Powell, Vice President, Walt Disney World Resorts and Parks.
6-8pm, Student Union Building room 303

World Coffee Café – Respecting Our Farmers and Respecting Our Environment

Improving farmer and environmental respect through our worship of coffee. Students are encouraged to share stories of coffee in their culture. Presented by Living Earth Council (Truro and Area), DASA (Dal AC), and NSCC Student Union.
7-9pm, MacRae Library (Dalhousie Agricultural Campus)

Friday, September 30

Dal Get REAL booth

Curious about Dal Get REAL? Want to know how you can participate? Look their booth in the Student Union Building!
10:30am- 1pm

Mass Blanket Exercise in honour of Orange Shirt Day

Join Dalhousie's Elders in Residence Program and Canadian Roots Exchange - Halifax Youth Reconciliation Initiative, for the Blanket Exercise! Helping the Dalhousie Community understand the history of the Indigenous - settler relationship in Canada.
11:30am-2:30pm, Studley Quad

Building Bridges: Collaboration at Work

This one hour professional development seminar provides an opportunity to briefly explore a topic. You will take away ideas that you can apply to your work life.
12:15 - 1:15 p.m. Room 2198, Marion McCain Building