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Conciliation continues for Dalhousie and PSAC Grant‑Paid Employees

Posted by admin on June 14, 2024 in PSAC Grant-Paid Union

Dalhousie University and the Public Sector Alliance of Canada (PSAC) representing Grant-Paid Employees continue with conciliation.

The first conciliation date was held on June 4, and while it was helpful and Dalhousie and PSAC have made progress, another date has been scheduled for July 8. The parties have been in negotiations since April 2023.

Conciliation is a normal part of the bargaining process. The university remains optimistic that an agreement can be achieved through conciliation. There are conciliation Q&As available on this site.

The PSAC Grant-Paid union represents Dalhousie’s Grant-Paid Employees who work for Halifax-based principal investigators. There are approximately 500 Grant-Paid Employees included in this union.