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Postdoctoral Fellows update

Posted by Labour relations on October 3, 2014 in PostDoc

The vote to certify Dalhousie Postdoctoral Fellows has been successful. The Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) will represent Postdoctoral Fellows.

In July, PSAC applied to the Labour Board of Nova Scotia to certify Postdoctoral Fellows and some Grant-Paid/Associated employees. PSAC later withdrew its application for the Grant-paid/Associated employees.

Postdoctoral Fellows perform research and research related activities, under the supervision of faculty at Dalhousie University. They hold a doctoral degree in the discipline related to their research activities as Dalhousie. Note that the union will represent all Postdoctoral Fellows at Dalhousie with the exception of those who secure their own transferable funding from external sources.

Collective bargaining will begin once Dalhousie receives a notice to bargain from PSAC. Updates will be provided throughout the collective bargaining process.