Your Voice survey

Gathering your feedback

Every second year, Dalhousie University surveys its employees to gauge their experience of the university as a workplace. 

Your Voice Survey 2019

The Your Voice survey is a new workplace survey designed for Dal faculty and staff to share their thoughts and ideas on the strengths of Dalhousie and where we could improve in terms of their employment experience.

The Your Voice survey will be open until November 19, 2019. Read the Dal News story. 

In the summer, Dal faculty and staff helped shape Your Voice by participating in consultations with a local wellness consultant. The new survey better reflects our organizational needs, will provide more comprehensive data for leaders, will be shorter in duration and contain fewer personal health questions.

An email was sent to all regular faculty and staff from Narrative Research (formerly Corporate Research Associates) on November 4 containing a survey link that is unique to each employee.

A series of frequently asked questions (FAQs) are also available on this site. If employees have questions about the survey, please direct them to the FAQs or they can email

About the survey

The Your Voice survey is a confidential online survey administered by Narrative Research (formerly Corporate Research Associates) - a third party research and consulting company located in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Who can participate?

Our University workforce is large, and the employment experience is diverse. It is important that Your Voice captures responses from all corners of the organization.

All regular, full-time and part-time faculty and staff (greater than 50%) will be invited to participate.

Are responses confidential?

Yes. The survey is administered by Narrative Research and the University does not know who has or has not participated. All responses are processed by Narrative Research, who will analyze the results.

Results are analyzed at the whole University level, and also by Faculty or large Administrative Department. To protect the confidentiality of responses, results will not be analyzed where there are fewer than 20 responses in a group.

If you have questions about the Your Voice survey, send them to