Frequently Asked Questions



Q. Who is eligible to apply for the Talent Pathways Program?

Anyone who wishes to work at Dalhousie University on a temporary basis is eligible to apply for the Talent Pathways Program. Talent Pathways will build institutional capacity for diversity and inclusiveness by increasing representation and correcting historic disadvantages by ensuring employment opportunities for underrepresented groups.

Q. What is a temporary position at Dalhousie University?

A temporary position at Dalhousie University is short-term paid employment within faculties and administrative units. The length of temporary positions are subject to provisions in the appropriate Collective Agreement or employee handbook. Temporary employees are not eligible for the employee benefits offered to regular employees, including access to health and dental benefits and the employe pension plan.

Q. How do I apply for the Talent Pathways Program?

To apply to Talent Pathways, please visit –, select the ‘Staff’ tab, then look for ‘Talent Pathways – Temporary Opportunities’

Please note that we only accept applications that are submitted electronically.

Q. I submitted my application, when will I be contacted for a job?

Thank you for your interest in the Talent Pathways Program. We only contact candidates that meet our temporary hiring needs. Employment opportunities are subject to operational needs and applying to the Talent Pathways Program does not guarantee a placement within Dalhousie University. 

Q. How do I contact the Talent Pathways Program?

To contact us, please send an email to

Q. How long will my application remain on file?

The Talent Pathways Program will retain your application for 12 months. After this period, if you are still interested in the Talent Pathways Program, please resubmit your application.

Q. I made changes to my resume, how do I update my application?

If you have modified your resume or cover letter, please resubmit your application. We will discard your previous application and update your information on file. 

Q. I found employment with another organization, how do I remove my application?

Congratulations on finding employment, please contact us and we will remove your information from our records. 

Q. I require a computer and/or internet access to submit my application, where can I go?

If you require a computer and/or internet access to submit your application, please visit your local public library or Nova Scotia Works Employment Services centre. 

Q. I am a new immigrant to Nova Scotia; can I apply for the Talent Pathways Program?

If you are a new immigrant to Canada and would like to apply to the Talent Pathways Program, please contact Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia ( They will be able to provide employment support and assist you with the application process. 

Q. How do I get assistance or an accommodation when applying to the Talent Pathways Program?

If you require assistance or accommmodation when applying, please send an email to

Q. If I am contacted for an interview, how do I get an accommodation?

If you require an accommodation, please send an email If you are a person with a disability who requires technical aids or alternative arrangements, please llet us know your requirements and any ways in which we can be of assistance.

Q. Does Dalhousie University have a policy on employment equity?

Dalhousie University is committed to fostering a collegial culture grounded in diversity and inclusiveness. The university encourages applications from Aboriginal persons, racially visible persons, persons with a disability, and persons of all genders, gender identities, and sexual orientations. For more information, visit

Q. How will Dalhousie protect my personal information?

Dalhousie University understands the importance of privacy and ensuring that personal information is protected. All applicants submitted to the Talent Pathways Program will be stored in a secure database and will only be accessed by designated human resources employees and hiring managers. If you would like your application removed from our records, please contact us at

Q. I'm looking for regular employment, how do I apply for a job at Dalhousie University?

To view our current academic and admistrative opportunities, please visit on a regular basis.  

Q. I applied to the Talent Pathways Program, can I still apply to other positions at Dalhousie University?

If you are interested in other positions at Dalhousie, you must apply directly through those job postings. 

Q. I'm a manager at Dalhousie University, and would like to hire a temporary employee, how do I do this?

For more information on hiring temporary employees through the Talent Pathways Program, please visit the HR site on myDal.