Employee Testimonials

“I find that if you put a hand out here, you get two in return. I feel like Dalhousie supports and gives latitude to those who want to make a difference. I’ve worked for a lot of huge organizations in my life, but I’ve never encountered a more supportive employer.”

-- Bill Gilbert, Custodial Services

“I think Dalhousie blends the best of big and small university environments. What is remarkable is that the university has a rich research culture as well as student-centered learning. I’m very passionate about teaching. I believe students are the reason we’re here, and I feel privileged to get to teach and work with students. It’s like that Chinese saying, ‘Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.’ And I feel like I chose a job I love.”

-- Srini Sampalli, Faculty of Computer Science

"Dalhousie is a great institution. The values that Dal stands for – striving for excellence for students' education and development, creating value for the community, and recognizing Dal employees' significant contributions to these goals – are the values I identify with."

-- Ayse Dai-Gammon, Management Career Services