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Your relationship with Dalhousie University does not end once you retire.

Retirees remain connected in many ways. Most communication is issued through your Dalhousie email address (or an alternative preferred email address if provided). Please monitor your Dalhousie email (or preferred alternative) regularly and update your preferred email address whenever there are changes.

If you are considering retiring please review: Retiring from Dalhousie [log-in required]

Pension Information

Please visit the Dalhousie Pension website for information about the Dalhousie University Staff Pension Plan.

View details about the Public Service Pension Plan (PSSP) administered by the Nova Scotia Pension Services Corporation.

For access to payroll forms for members of the Dalhousie University Staff Pension Plan:

These forms should be sent to: Payroll & Information Services, 5th Floor, Collaborative Health Education Building (CHEB), 5793 University Avenue, Halifax, NS B3V 1V7

T4As are issued by mail. Access to obtain your T4 and/or T4A will still be available through Dal Online (login required).

For questions or if you require additional information, please contact pensions@dal.ca or 494-1782.

Benefit Information

Benefit Cost [PDF]

In order to continue health, travel and/or dental coverage through Dalhousie University it is imperative that provincial health coverage is maintained.

Travel - Travel coverage is applicable to all members who maintain retiree health coverage through Dalhousie University. Dependants listed under the health plan also maintain travel. Travel coverage is mandatory if health coverage is maintained. This benefit was introduced in 2014 as part of the benefit package.

How to submit a claim - You can submit claims through:

For questions or if you require additional information, please contact benefits@dal.ca or 494-1122.