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Growing Communities Event Series

Supporting Career Success in Nova Scotia for New Immigrants


Thank you!

The Supporting Career Success in Nova Scotia for New Immigrants event was a huge success, thanks in part to the more than 90 participants who attended, as well as the faculty, staff, volunteers and sponsors that made it possible.


Check out the Dal News story, "Teaming Up to Support Career Success for New Immigrants" that provides an overview of the day.


If you have feedback on the event that you would like to share please send it to hr200@dal.ca.



Event Details

This event provided an opportunity for job-ready immigrants to develop their skills for a successful career in Nova Scotia.  


The event included a panel discussion among immigrants and their journey towards career success, followed by a facilitated networking session and a presentation on current labour market trends in Nova Scotia – conducted by the Halifax Partnership.


During lunch there was a career resource expo where participants had the opportunity to explore resources that will aid in their quest for career success.   


About the Growing Communities Event Series: In 2018, Dalhousie will celebrate its 200th anniversary. Dalhousie's Human Resources department and Dalhousie Professional & Managerial Group (DPMG) developed a shared vision to celebrate this anniversary in the form of a legacy event. The intent is to host an annual event focused on serving the needs of our external community through access to Dal's resources, services and partners.