Criteria for Student Research Scholar Membership

  • 1 to 2 year term; renewable as appropriate
  • Graduate student in the Faculties of Health Professions, Medicine and Dentistry with an interest in population health.
  • PhD Health or ID PhD student with an interest in population health.
  • Graduate student (MA, MSc, PhD) working with a Senior or Associate Research Scholar of HPI.


Members will receive access to various supports and activities including:

  • List HPI membership in CV and in
    signature line on correspondence for the period of their membership.
  • Participate as a member of one of HPI’s research clusters.
  • Participate in research grants (e.g., proposal development).
  • Participate in Senior Research and Associate Research Scholars’ research workshops, as appropriate.
  • Access to research expertise of Senior Research and Associate Research Scholars.
  • Gain skills & experiences based on the HPI Student Competency Framework


Members are expected to play an active role in HPI:

  • Assist in development and activities of the student program.
  • Manage, assist and/or attend an HPI-hosted event (e.g., guest speaker event).
  • Present research at an internal or open meeting or event, such as prior to thesis defence.
  • Submit research to Crossroads Health Conference at Dalhousie
    Provide HPI with written permission (or signed release) to be listed on website, to display images or information related to research and other University-related activities.
  • Promote HPI through social media and networking.

For more information or expressions of interest, please contact