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New Publications

New Book by Dr. Ingrid Waldron, Associate Professor, School of Nursing, Faculty of Health, Dalhousie

There’s Something in the Water: Environmental Racism in Indigenous and Black Communities is the new book authored by Dr. Ingrid Waldron, Associate Professor in the Faculty of Health at Dalhousie University.

There’s Something in the Water is based on Dr. Waldron’s project the Environmental Noxiousness, Racial Inequities and Community Health Project (The ENRICH Project), which is addressing the social, economic, political, and health effects of environmental racism in Nova Scotia.

Using settler colonialism as the overarching theory, Waldron unpacks how environmental racism operates as a mechanism of erasure enabled by the intersecting dynamics of white supremacy, power, state-sanctioned racial violence, neoliberalism and racial capitalism in white settler societies. By redefining the parameters of critique around the environmental justice narrative and movement in Nova Scotia and Canada, Waldron opens a space for a more critical dialogue on how environmental racism manifests itself within this intersectional context. Waldron also illustrates the ways in which the effects of environmental racism are compounded by other forms of oppression to further dehumanize and harm communities already dealing with pre-existing vulnerabilities, such as long-standing social and economic inequality. Finally, Waldron documents the long history of struggle, resistance, and mobilizing in Indigenous and Black communities to address environmental racism.


A translational approach to characterization and measurement of health-promoting school ethos

Tarra L. Penney, Jessie-Lee D. McIsaac, Kate Storey, Julia C. H. Kontak, Nicole Ata, Stefan Kuhle, and Sara F. L. Kirk.

Eating at Food Outlets and “On the Go” Is Associated with Less Healthy Food Choices in Adults: Cross-Sectional Data from the UK National Diet and Nutrition Survey Rolling Programme (2008–2014)

Nida Ziauddeen, Eva Almiron-Roig, Tarra L. Penney, Sonja Nicholson, Sara F. L. Kirk, and Polly Page.

The application of implementation science theories for population health: A critical interpretive synthesis

(2018). Jessie-Lee McIsaac, Grace Warner, Logan Lawrence, Robin Urquhart, Sheri Price, Jacqueline Gahagan, Mary McNally, Lois A Jackson.
AIMS Public Health
, 5(1):13-30. doi: 10.3934/publichealth.2018.1.13.

Jacqueline Gahagan (2018). Chapter in Under-Served: Health Determinants of Indigenous, Inner-City, and Migrant Populations in Canada. Aksaya Neil Arya & Thomas Piggot, Edds.


Indegenous Health and Well-being


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Health of Marginalized Populations



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Implementation Science



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Youth and Healthy Aging



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