Establising a Baseline: Active Transportation and Health Indicators in the Halifax Region

Author: Nova Scotia Health Authority: Public Health Central Zone

NSHA-Public Health, Central Zone has collaborated with several organizations, including the Healthy Populations Institute, through a multi-disciplinary working group to expand the Halifax region’s knowledge of active transportation and health trends. This report encourages increased investment in and support for active transportation and provides a strategy to support similar efforts in other communities and health zones. 

We have added four Information documents for your information:

The Relationship between Active Transportation and Health [pdf - 1.2 Mb]

Process, Lessons and Resources [pdf - 748 Kb]

Active Transportation & Health Findings in the Halifax Region [pdf - 415 Kb]

Using Geographic Information Systems to Understand Active Transportation and Health [pdf - 951 Kb]

Read the Executive Summary [pdf - 563 Kb]

Read the Full Report [pdf - 4.5 Mb]

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