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Moving health research upstream


Who We Are

The Healthy Populations Institute (HPI) was established in 1993 as a Senate-approved research Institute at Dalhousie University. Through excellence in research, capacity building, and knowledge translation, HPI has been a leader in health promotion research in Atlantic Canada and beyond.

It is within this context of exceptional research grant capture, and interdisciplinary, collaborative, policy and program-focused health promotion research, that HPI has undergone a renewal process: reflecting on our past, visioning our future, and developing a plan for continued success. As part of this renewal we have re-committed ourselves to policy and program-focused research, but also recognize the need to highlight more explicitly our ‘upstream research’, that is research which addresses the fundamental causes of unhealthy lives and communities.

HPI will be placing a special emphasis on informing policies and practices that can reduce the economic challenges facing the healthcare system.

Healthy populations throughout the lifecourse and across generations.

Improving population health and promoting health equity by understanding and influencing the complex conditions that impact the health of communities.

Areas of focus

Research development  

HPI encourages and supports the work of interdisciplinary research teams and draws together collaborators from many sectors to design and carry out large, multifaceted projects.

Capacity building and training

HPI provides excellent research training opportunities for students (undergraduate and graduate), postdoctoral research fellows and faculty members as well as researchers from outside academia.

Knowledge Translation

HPI provides a vital mechanism for the development of knowledge translation tools, activities and research.

Research Management

HPI supports the success of the research Centre members by providing high quality, continuous and effective management of new and on-going research programs and activities.