Quick Access for Financial Processes and Transactions at Dalhousie Agricultural Campus



Single Transaction - $3,000
Monthly Spend Limit - $15,000

Getting a Card

  • Complete the application form that is available on Procurement website.

  • Forward completed application to Procurement Services. Allow two weeks for delivery of the card

  • You will be contacted when the card is available to conduct an orientation session.

Statement Reconciliation

Purchase Requisitions / POs

  • Purchase requisitions are available at the Financial Services office on the Agriculture Campus

  • Contact Financial Services for assistance in completing the requisition.

  • Competitive quotes are required for purchases over $10,000

  • Forward completed requisitions, along with supporting information to Procurement Services.  (Original paper copy, fax or e-copy via e-mail are acceptable)

  • Procurement Services will create the PO and send copies to you and the vendor.

  • Return your copy to Accounts Payable when goods are received in good condition.

  • Contact Procurement Services if there are problems with the delivery.

  • Never give verbal authorization to a vendor when you initiate a purchase requisition.

On Line Ordering

  • Orders up to $3,000 can be placed on-line with; Staples Advantage, VWR, Fisher Scientific, Sigma Aldrich.

  • Visit the Procurement web site for the application form.

  • Orders are sent directly to you

  • Invoicing will be sent directly to AP.


Contact the Procurement office in Halifax for requirements with estimated value close to or above;

  • $25,000 for Goods
  • $50,000 for Services
  • $100,000 for Construction

General Procurement Policies and Procedures

Accounts Payable

  • When goods and services are purchased via a purchase order, the receiving copy of the order should be signed (indicating acceptance of the goods and services) and forwarded to Financial Services in Cumming Hall.

  • When goods and services do not require a purchase order, the invoice should be authorized along with the appropriate orgn and account to charge the expenditure before forwarding to Financial Services in Cumming Hall for payment.

University Travel

Journal Entries

  • Forms may be obtained from the Print Centre on the Truro Campus (print.dalac@dal.ca).

  • Completed journal entries should be sent to Financial Services in Cumming Hall.

Services Rendered

When an individual is paid by the University, an assessment must be made to determine if they are an employee or an independent contractor. Financial Services requires the completion of a questionnaire to assess the situation. Please complete the questionnaire and forward it to Financial Services in Cumming Hall.


There are five (5) Financial Services forms that are not electronic.
•    Cheque Requisition
•    Journal Entry
•    Deposit Advice
•    Student Aid Requisition
•    Purchase Requisition

The first four paper forms can be obtained by emailing Print.dalac@dal.ca.  Please provide the Print Centre with the form name you require, the quantity of forms you need and where to send the forms.

The purchase requisition form can be obtained through the Financial Services office on the Agricultural Campus.

Electronic forms

Cheque Requisitions

When an individual is requesting a payment on miscellaneous commitments, the following policy and process applies to the completion of a cheque requisition.

Monthly Financial Reports

  • First working day of the month, monthly financial reports are loaded into ePrint

  • Email is sent out to those with online access to Finance Self Service (FSS) and ePrint to notify them

  • Access ePrint through Dal Online Web for Administrators – Finance – ePrint Repository

  • ePrint quick reference material 

Online Account Information

  • Financial information in Finance Self Service (FSS) is up-to-date within 3 minutes of posting

  • Can view your account balance at any time during the month

  • Able to determine if an invoice has been paid, able to view electronic image of invoices, cheque requisitions, travel claims and journals on line

  • Access FSS through Dal OnlineWeb for Administrators – Finance

  • Query to use for:
    • Research and Special Purpose accounts is the Researcher:  Summary & Detail Query
    • All other accounts use the Budget Query – Budget Status by Account
  • FSS quick reference material
    • Finance Self Service (FSS) for Researchers – for research and special purpose accounts
    • Finance Self Service (FSS) – for all non-research and special purpose accounts