Payment of Expenses

The following are forms used by Accounts Payable.

Form Name Description
Travel Expense Claim

Reimbursement of travel costs incurred on University business. [PDF - 1 MB]

NOTE:  If you are having issues opening this form, the problem maybe with the browser you are using.  Many browsers (Firefox, Safari, Chrome) use their own PDF viewer instead of Adobe Acrobat Reader.  You need to either change your browser settings so the browser doesn't use the default viewer or use Internet Explorer.  

Flight Pass Approval Request
Request approval to purchase a flight pass.
[PDF - 104 KB]
Professional Development Allowance Reimbursement of professional development allowance associated with DFA members.   [PDF - 1222 KB]
Services Rendered Assessment Questionnaire
Determine relationship employee or independent contractor. [PDF - 843 KB]
Direct Deposit
Required to set a vendor on direct deposit.
[PDF - 785 KB]
Upload Template
Excel upload template to be used for electronic journal entries. [EXEL - 9 KB]