Research & Special Purpose

The following forms are used by the Research & Special Purpose Office.

Form Name Description
Research Account Application Researchers wishing to open a general research account must complete a Research Account Application form and secure all the necessary signatures before submitting it to the Dalhousie Research Services for final approval. [PDF - 729KB] - updated May 2017
Continuous Research Account Application
The Transfer of Unexpended Residual Funds to Continuous Research Account form should be used by Researchers whose research grant or contract accounts have passed end date and have become eligible for consideration under the Unexpended Residual Funds in Research Accounts Policy. Researchers will receive notification when their accounts are nearing the published end date. [PDF - 762 KB]
Special Purpose Account Application A Special Purpose Account Application form must be completed by anyone wishing to open a non-research special purpose account (service agreements, lab accounts, conference/workshop accounts, etc.). Completed application with signatures should be forwarded to Financial Services. [PDF - 147 KB]
Spending Authority Signature All Unit Authorities (Researchers) responsible for an account in the 34xxx-5xxxx range, must complete this signature form and forward it to Financial Services and your department office.  This same form is to be used by those who have been delegated spending authority in Web for Administrators. [PDF - 416 KB]
Meeting Expense Hospitality costs for networking purposes in the context of formal courtesy between the researcher and guest researchers and research-related activities in the context of assemblies that facilitate and contribute to the achievement of the research objectives are eligible expenses from most reserach grants and contracts.  However, such expenses must be adequately documented by completing and submitting a Meeting Expense form with any request for payment. [PDF - 802 KB]
Travel Expense Claim Reimbursment of travel costs incurred on University business.
Volunteer Payments in Research Projects If volunteer being paid an honorarium for participating as a subject in a research project signs this form as "self-declared income", they will claim the funds as income to CRA.  Otherwise, a T4A will be provided. [PDF - 115 KB]
Graduate Student Payroll Information Profile (GSPIP) form Graduate Studies maintains this form.  Listed under Student Funding - Scholarships with instructions on completeing the form
Various Payroll forms Human Resources maintains these forms and provides instructions for completion
Request for Letter of Transfer of Funds Research Services maintains this form.  This form is used when a Researcher would like to transfer funds to a co-investigator at another institution.