Financial Services has various types of forms that are required by campus.  The following are the types of forms available on line.

Budget Used specifically by the Budget Office
Insurance Used specifically by the Insurance office
Cash Handling & Banking Related to petty cash
Endowment/Investments Used to make changes to endowments
Financial Systems & Information Related to granting access to FSS and ePrint
Payment of Expenses Related to reimbursement of expenses (travel expense, professional development allowance), vendor information, and services rendered questionnaire.
Research & Special Purpose Applications, meeting expenses, spending authority signatures, and links to other forms used by Researchers

NOTE:  There are five (5) Financial Services forms that are not electronic.

  • Cheque Requisition
  • Journal Entry
  • Deposit Advice
  • Student Aid Requisition
  • Purchase Requisition

The first four paper forms can be obtained by emailing or if you are on the Dalhousie Agricultural Campus.  Please provide the Print Centre with the form name you require, the quantity of forms you need and where to send the forms.

The purchase requisition form can be obtained through the Procurement Department.  This request should be emailed to