Accounts Payable

Important Notice:

Electronic processes to continue. Accounts Payable will continue to operate with the paper-free electronic processes adopted during the pandemic.

Please use the following to submit documents for processing:            Invoices Approved for Payment      Travel Claims & Cheque Requisitions Journal Entries & Electronic Feeds
Accounts Payable is responsible for:
  • Responding to departmental and vendor inquires
  • Reviewing and processing expenses reimbursed claims
  • Reviewing and processing invoices
  • Reviewing and processing journal entries
  • Reviewing services rendered assessment questionnaires 

General Contacts:

Department and vendor inquiries
Services rendered inquiries
Journal entries inquiries
Travel & cheque requisition inquiries
Chrome River inquiries

Accounts Payable Operation

Lisa Brousseau
Manager, Accounts Payable
Jill Baggs                                 
Assistant Manager, Accounts Payable (Term)
Melanie Inkpen Allen (Acting)
Team Lead
Julia Creaser
Team Lead (Acting)


Jamie Croon
Lorna Curnew

Accounts Payable Clerks:

Edith Ross
Nancy Zhang
Jennifer Brown
Charlene Bishop
Andalla Ndiaye
Susan Bowser
Cheryl Schnare
Cecily Williams
Julie LeClaire
Tanay Sherman (Temp)