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Thanks to those who came out to the March 4 budget forums. You can watch the archived livestream of the daytime session below.

The Budget Advisory Committee welcomes feedback or input at any time via email at

December 2020


The BAC, in particular, welcomes your feedback at on the following questions at this time:

  1. Projected operating costs increase at a faster rate than government support, creating a gap. One way to address the gap is by adjusting expenditures. How could expenditures be reduced or adjusted in the 2020-21 budget to address the gap? It is important to note that the gap in 2021-21 could be larger than in past years as a result of lingering impacts of the pandemic.
  2. Acknowledging the challenges that are posed by regular tuition increases, we have an obligation to balance the budget, and increasing tuition is one of the few levers available to us to address annually rising costs. Along with tuition increases, the university has invested significantly in bursary support for students in need. In addition to current supports, are there better ways we can support students for whom increased tuition represents a financial hardship?
  3. There are important priorities that need to be protected or require investment, even in times of financial restraint. In recent years, the budget has allowed for increased funding to support strategic initiatives.
    1. What priorities should Dalhousie seek to invest in, or protect in your view? What other priorities do you see for strategic initiatives as important?
    2. Given Dalhousie's ongoing work on a new Digital Strategy (digital infrastructure, online teaching and learning, digital research, operations, and processes, etc.), where do these initiatives fit in your thinking about priority areas for investment?
    3. Improving the state of university infrastructure — both facilities and IT —has been a focus for additional investment in recent years. How should we think about this in the coming 2021-22 year?
  4. Given the very compressed timeline facing us in the development of the next budget, are there key areas of consultation we should prioritize?
  5. Finally, the BAC welcomes input on any other area impacting the university budget.

Please submit your feedback by December 21, 2020 to