Spending Authority

In a review of the University’s policies and processes, Dalhousie University has developed a Spending Authority Policy for University Funds to ensure compliance with current internal control, accountability standards and Federal research granting councils.  The report structure of Dalhousie’s financial system has been the basis of the Spending Authority Policy for University Funds plus the additional benefit of delegation of spending authority.  

As part of the University Strategic Priority 5.7, initiatives to reduce paper-based processes and improve efficiencies across the University are being launched.  These electronic processes, will rely on spending authority for the electronic approval of transactions.

The following is general information to ensure compliance of the policy:

1. Unit Authorities (VPs, Deans, AVPs, Researchers) can delegate $10,000 spending authority to an individual payrolled through Dalhousie University.  This delegation is done through Web for Administrators.  Please review the instructions on how to delegate spending authority for $10,000 and under.

Under specific situations, $100,000 may be delegated at the faculty, major service unit or department level to a limited number of people.

2. A Unit Authority (Researchers) may delegate “Total Budget” spending authority to their next reporting level of authority (eg. Dean, Department Head or Chair).  Please review the instructions on how to delegate "Total Budget" Spending Authority through Web for Administrators.

A Unit Authority (Dean, AVP) may delegate "Total Budget" spending authority to a Chair, Department Head, Director or Manager that is responsible for a budget of a department within a Faculty or Major Service and Support Unit.  The "Total Budget" option will only be available when the individual has been associated with the department within Banner Finance.  If this option isn't available, email finweb@dal.ca.

3. Specimen signatures of all Unit Authorities and Delegates are required for audit purposes and must be received before spending approval begins.

4. The Unit Authority is responsible for the adding or revoking of the Spending Authority role in Web for Administrators.  Note that spending authority should be revoked as soon as a delegate is no longer eligible (eg. a research assistant no longer works for a researcher).

There is an annual review process done in November to confirm everyone with access still requires it for another year.

5. An oracle id is required for individuals being delegated the spending role.  While an oracle id is required before access to Finance Self-Serve and ePrint can be turned on, delegating spending authority can be done without and oracle id being created.  Financial Services will be notified that access is required and an oracle id will be created.   Once this has been completed the delegate will be notified of their access.