General Inquiries

When reviewing your financial transactions in Finance Self Service (FSS) and/or ePrint, the following individuals can be contacted regarding any questions you have concerning the transaction.

Area Contact Name Email Phone
Banking Trevor Knocton 902-494-1721
Operating Budgets various 902-494-2302
Receivables Bobbi Lee Grant 902-494-2725
Capital Accounting Bobbi Lee Grant 902-494-2725
Services Rendered Lisa Matthews 902-494-1705
Cheque Requisitions and Travel Expense on non Research and Special Purpose organization codes Rhonda Mitchell,
and Noreen Millar

902-494-1712 / 
Cashier Owen MacDonald 902-494-1723
Accounts Payable Inquiries Lorna Curnew 902-494-2302
Journal Entry and Upload Processing and Inquries Nancy Zhang 902-494-1715
Insurance Inquiries Marlene Daye-Smith 902-494-8356
Finance Self Service, ePrint and Web for Administrators Inquiries Mike Hendsbee/
Loralee Hawkes Ulrich 902-494-1722
Salary Encumbrances Shauna Marshall 902-494-3056
Payroll Feeds various 902-494-3700
Student Accounts Feeds Kelly Mattall 902-494-1726