Understanding Your Financial Info

Dalhousie University provides all Deans, Directors, Department Heads/Chairs and Researchers with automatic access to their financial information through Finance Self Service and ePrint.

  • Finance Self Service (FSS) is accessed through Dal Online. This program will provide balances on accounts within three minutes of posting.  Therefore, balances can be checked and reconciled all throughout the month.
  • ePrint is accessed through a link on the Finance Self Service page.  This program is an electronic copy of a report for a given point in time.

For anyone else who requires access to financial information, access must be delegated to them by either one of the individuals listed above or the Finance Security Administrator within your department/faculty.  This delegation is done through Web for Administrators within Dal Online.

How to Access Finance Self Service (FSS) and ePrint

To access these programs, you will need to:

  1. Go to Dal Online website (https://dalonline.dal.ca/)
  2. Click on LOGIN in the top left side of the page
  3. Enter your Net ID and password.  Then click on Login
  4. Click on Web for Administrators
  5. Click on Finance

At this point you are in Finance Self Service and ePrint is listed as one of the options in the menu.