Other Travel Information

Please visit one of the links below before you travel for further information.

These rates are offered to faculty and staff of Dalhousie University.  Please note thta the car Rental Theft and Damage Insurance can be waived when using the University Travel Card by declining the Loss Damage Waiver (LDW).  This insurance is covered by the Travel Card at no cost to the cardholder.

Current travel issues features a variety of information highlighting current and ongoing situations around the world of particular interest to Canadians living or travelling abroad.  (Foreign Affairs and International Trade site).

International Travel Policy


This is a link to the Dalhousie International Travel Policy issued by the Environmental Health and Safety Office.

In the case of international travel, the Federal Government rates will be in effect.  These rates change from time to time and can be found at this site. (Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat site)

These rates are offered to Faculty and staff of Dalhousie University.  Please note that to view this site you need to have Internet Explorer installed on your machine.  If you are having problems please contact our department.