How to Complete Expense Claim Form

Instructions on how to complete a Travel Expense Claim form

Please Print/Type all information on the Travel Expense Claim form.

This form is to be used for reimbursement of travel expenses.

Field Name Description


QT This is the document reference number in Banner which consists of the last 7 digits of the Dalhousie ID plus the date (DD/MM/YY) the trip begins. E.g. If your Dalhousie ID is B00111137 and your trip started on 3-May-2001, the transaction reference number would be 0111137030501.
Dalhousie University Travel Policy Please review this information prior to travelling to ensure you keep sufficient documentation in accordance with Dalhousie University. All travel on behalf of the University and funds that are administered by the University are subject to the policy.
Per Diem Rates All travel on behalf of the University and for any funds administered by the University is subject to Dalhousie University per diem rates.  Excluding NSGEU Local 92.
International Travel Rates This link will provide international per diem rates for international travel. Excluding NSGEU Local 92.
International travel is defined as:
• Travel from Canada to another country, including the US
• Travel from another country,  including the US, to Canada
• International traveler from broad that while in Canada, travels within Canada (Note: Travel Expense Claim Form must indicate international traveler.)
Currency Converter When travelling internationally, please refer to this website ( to get the appropriate currency rate for conversion.
Foreign Exchange Rate Indicate the rate used to convert international travel receipts to Canadian currency.
Payee Name The first, middle and last name of the individual or corporation/society payment should be made to for the travel reimbursment.
Dalhousie ID The Payee’s Dalhousie ID number (a nine digit code beginning with B00).
Department Indicate the department that travel was on behalf of.
Phone The work phone number of the Payee, if there is no work phone number, please indicate a home phone number.
Trip Destination Indicate where the trip is to.
Affiliation with Account Being Charged Indicate employee, student, visiting lecture etc.
Purpose State the purpose of the trip.
Period covered, start/end Indicate the beginning and end dates of the trip.
Payee Mailing Address Payee's home mailing address for individuals; this address is used to verify the appropriate Dalhousie ID is associated with this transaction.  
Payment method:  Preferred method of payment is direct deposit for CDN funds.  For other currencies or when direct deposit is not available, the cheque will be mailed to the alternate mailing address if different from the the payee mailing address (i.e. Department) If the cheque is to be return to the department indicate the department and address here.  This is also used if there is a special request which has previously been approved by the Manager of Accounts Payable.


Date For each receipt, indicate the date of the receipt.
Particulars Identify the type of expense for each receipt, such as airfare, hotel, lunch per diem etc.
Receipt Number Each receipt should have a reference number on them and the receipts should be listed in order on the travel expense claim form. Please refer to the procedures on preparing receipts.
Actual Receipt Amount Indicate the actual amount of the receipt in the currency of the receipt.
Canadian Total Claimed Including GST/HST Indicate the Canadian equivalent of the international receipt or the Canadian amount.
Calculated (GST/HST) The University is able to claim a GST/HST rebate, which is credited back to the Fund/Orgn for Dalhousie University employees only. If the Payee is a Dalhousie employee, please indicate the GST/HST amount. For non-employees, leave blank.
Total Total the Canadian Total and total the Calculated GST/HST.
Kilometer Per Km Indicate the amount of KM traveled. The kilometer rate is reviewed periodically by Financial Services to ensure the rate is fair value, and is monitored with other universities.
Grand Total Indicate the grand total for both Canadian Total Claimed and the Calculated GST/HST with the total Km.
Less Cash Advance Indicate the Cheque Requisition Form number and the amount of the advance, which is deducted from the grand total.
Balance due to (from) Claimant Amount of the Grand Total less any advances.
Currency Indicate the currency the Payee is to be reimbursed in.


Fund/Orgn Appropriate 5 digit account being charged for the transaction.
Account Appropriate 4 digit expense account for the type of transaction. Please refer to the revenue and expense account codes.
Net Before GST/HST The pre tax amount for the Fund/Orgn.
GST/HST To be used only for Dalhousie University employees.
Total The total of the Net and GST/HST for that particular Fund/Orgn.
Spending Authority Signature The Unit Authority or Principal Investigator's (or delegated spending authority where applicable) signature is required as approval for the expense on the organization indicated in the Fund/Orgn box.  When the spending authority is different than the reporting authority both signatures will be required.  Review the Spending Authority Policy for further information.
Date Date of Spending Authority Signature.
Total Amount of Payment Total the Net Before GST/HST column, the GST/HST column, and the Total column.
Certification of Claimant Payee/claimant’s signature below certifies that the expenditures listed are true and correct.
Claimant Signature Required for individuals for the re-imbursement of receipts, advance requests, refunds, and membership/registration paid by individuals. Not required for individuals for honorariums, corporations or societies
Print Name and Date Print the name of the claimant and indicate the date signed.
Authorizing Signature Approval by the individual at a reporting or management level above that of the claimant (e.g. Department Chair/and/or Dean, Director, Vice-President, or Lester Pearson International for International Development Projects).  Signature is required on all forms.
Print Name and Date Print name of the authorizing signature and indicate the date signed.