Flight Passes

More and more airlines are offering flight passes as a more economical method of travel. These passes can be effective means to reducing travel cost; however, there needs to be sufficient travel to cover the flight pass in the allotted time of the pass. For information on the type of flight passes available, please have a look at the Air Canada website (http://www.aircanada.com/) for the terms and conditions.

If you are interested in getting a flight pass, you will need to get authorization from Financial Services prior to purchasing the pass. You must be an existing employee to request a flight pass. Please refer requests to Travel and Cheque Requisition Clerks.

On the Flight Pass Approval Request Form you will need to provide the following information:

  • Name of pass
  • Who is travelling
  • Estimate of travel to be taken
  • Expiry date of pass
  • Conditions of the flight pass

Once this information has been forwarded, Financial Services will review and confirm there is sufficient travel and verify the pass is a more economical option. If Financial Services approves the advance, the claimant can purchase the pass on their University Travel Card and request a travel advance.  Should the amount of the pass exceed the University Travel Card limit, please contact Financial Services to arrange for the payment to be made through Financial Services credit card.

The advance will remain outstanding until the pass has been completely used. When the claimant submits a travel claim, they will need to indicate the credits used from their flight pass and deduct from the travel claim.