1.  How do I indicate on my travel claim any advances that I may have received for this travel?

On the travel expense claim form down by the "Balance Due to (from) Claimant" is the "Less Cash Advance" line.  In the Ref # field where you see "QA", enter the number that appeared in the top right hand corner of the form in the the box that starts with a "Q".

2.  The money is being funded from another resource but being paid by Dalhousie University, what per diem rate applies?

All monies administered by Dalhousie University are subject to Dalhousie per diem rates with exception of NSGEU Local 92.

3.  What if I have forgotten to get an itemized receipt for a meal?

There are two options:  go back to the restaurant to see if they can provide you with the itemized receipt or claim the per diem meal rate.

4.  How do I process group travel?

Contact Financial Services previous to making arrangements to insure you have all the proper documenation and comply to the Travel policy.  For example, non-employee airfare can be direct billed to Dalhousie University.