No PO Required

The following types of purchases do not require a purchase order to be generated.

Type of Goods or Service Description
Professional Service Office, medical travel, education, architecture
Books & Periodicals Library, Bookstore invoices
Catering Sodexo, Armark and invoices for restaurants and catering services
Courier Fedex, ACB, Purolator
Maintenance Agreement Maintenance Agreement through Facilities Mgmt ie:  Green Waste Systems
Utilities All Utilities Invoices
Consolidated Invoices Consolidated invoices for a particular vendor - eg. Sigma
Memberships, Licenses Memberships, licenses, registration
Insurance Insurance on Equipment, Insurance Policies
Charitable Donations Donations made to charities
Advertising Advertising ex:  magazine, newspaper
Freezer Orders Companies with freezers on campus.  Attach sign out sheet has account and signature