Invoice Approvals

If the invoice is against a purchase order, an approval signature is not required on the invoice. If the invoice is for $1,000 or more, the receiver document sent to you by Procurement at the time the PO was created, will need to be signed to verify receipt of goods and services in good condition.

If not 100% of the goods/services were received, make a copy of the receiver document and send Financial Services the copy with the changes. Keep sending copies of the receiver until all goods/services have been received.

Procurement must create a purchase order once they receive a purchase requisition form prior to receiving an invoice. Further information on the Dalhousie's purchasing methods can be found in the Procurement Policy.

If the invoice has been paid by P-Card, this invoice should not be sent to Financial Services. It should be kept for your records.

All other invoices must indicate:

  • where the expense should be charged:
    • the organization code (5 digits)
    • account code (4 digits)
  • based on the Spending Authority Policy, the signature of either the:
    • Unit Authority (individual responsible for the activities of the organization code) or
    • Delegate (individual who has been authorized to approve commitments and expenditures $5,000 and under on behalf of the Unit Authority).