How to Complete Cheque Requisition

Instructions on How to Complete a Cheque Requisition Form

Please Print/Type all information on the form.

All claims MUST be accompanied by original receipts.

Please make sure all information is provided as incomplete forms may result in delayed processing.

STEP 1: Claimant Information

Q_____________  a self populating one up reference number for reference
I_____________ Banner "I" Document number generated when the Cheque requisition is entered into Banner by Financial Services.
Payee Name Indicate the first, middle and last name of the individual or corporation/society of the payee
Dalhousie ID Indicate the payee's Dalhousie ID number a nine digit code beginning with B00


Indicate the work phone number of the payee, if there is no work phone number indicates a home number.
E-mail Address Indicate the e-mail if available for the payee


Payee Mailing Address

Payee's home mailing address for individuals. This address is used to verify the appropriate Dalhousie ID is associated with this transaction. A home address is also required when the cheque requisition is for a services rendered payment or honorarium payment where a T4A is required.
Payment method Preferred method of payment is direct deposit for CDN funds.  For other currencies or when direct deposit is not available, the cheque will be mailed to the alternate mailing address if different from the payee mailing address (i.e. Department) If the cheque is to be return to the department indicate the department and address here. This is also used if there is a special request which has previously been approved by the Manager of Accounts Payable.
Send Attachment with Cheque

Provide Original and Copy to Accompany the Cheque

Check this box if there is an attachment to go with the cheque. Insuring when a payment is sent the payee will be provided with enough information to apply the payment correctly. Please make sure to include the original and copy to accompany cheque.

STEP 2: Type of Payment:  One type of Payment per Cheque Requisition

Check off the appropriate type of payment (only one per form)
General Reimbursement
For general reimbursements. This is not to be used for purchase of good, all purchase or good are subject to the procurement policy and require a purchase order or a P-Card. Include all original detailed receipts and proof of payment.

Membership Registration

Reimbursement of membership dues that are not billed directly to the University. Attach original membership form and proof of payment.
Refund Refunds to the claimant. Provide details and supporting documentation as to why the refund is being requested.
Other Payments not covered in the other selections. Provide details and any supporting documentation.


Request can be made for advances where the airfare has been purchased and is due prior to the trip. When purchasing tickets for employees please have each individual book their own trip using a BMO travel card. If they do not currently have a travel card please contact the purchasing department. All travel arrangements made on behalf of students or visiting lectures can be directly billed to the University on an invoice.
Trip Start Date Indicate the date the trip will start
End Date Indicate the end date of the trip
Destination Indicate the final destination of the trip
SIN# Required for All Honorariums, Services Rendered, and Advances (non employees) Indicate the SIN number if it is not already on file. All employees already have their SIN number recorded in Banner.
Honorarium This is only to be used when giving a token payment for a visiting lecture etc. When the payment only represents a small portion of the money the claimant would receive if he were to bill for his services.
Explanation Provide a description of what the honorariums is for to confirm the payment is appropriately classified as an honorarium.

Services Rendered


For payments to individuals where they are not determined to be an employee nor do they have a registered business. These payments require pre-approval and completion of an independent contractor questionnaire and are issued a T4A. A Services Rendered Assessment Questionnaire will be required.
Date Indicate the date the service started
Rate of Pay Hourly amount or lump sum amount of payment
Type of Service An explanation of the type of service provided. Attach any further details available.

STEP 3:  Accounting Distribution and Authorization

FUND/ORGN Appropriate 5 digit account being debited for transaction.
Account Appropriate 4 digit expense account for the type of transaction.  Please refer to the Revenue & Expenditure Account Codes.
Net Before GST/HST The pre tax amount for the FUND/ORGN.
GST/HST To be used only for businesses and Dalhousie University employees.
Total The total of the Net and GST/HST for that particular FUND/ORGN.
Spending Authority Signature The Unit Authority or Principal Investigator's (or delegated spending authority where applicable) signature is required as approval for the expense on the organization indicated in the Fund/Orgn box. When the spending authority is different than the reporting authority both signatures will be required. Review the Spending Authority Policy for further information.
Date of Spending Authority signature  
Total Payment For each Net before GST/HST, GST/HST and total column provide a final total for the cheque requisition
Claimants Signature Required for individuals for the re-imbursement of receipts, advance requests, refunds, and membership/registration paid by individuals. Not required for individuals for honorariums, corporations or societies
Print Name and Date Print the name of the claimant and indicate the date signed
Authorizing Signature Approval by the individual at a reporting or management level above that of the claimant (e.g. Department Chair/and/or Dean, Director, Vice-President, or Lester Pearson International for International Development Projects). Signature is required on all forms.
Print Name and Date Print name of the authorizing signature and indicate the date signed.