General Accounts Payable Questions:

Cheque Requisition Questions:

General Accounts Payable Questions

1.   Can invoices be emailed to Financial Services?

Invoices on a purchase order can be emailed directly from the vendor for processing to Accounts Payable. Invoices without a purchase order have to go to the department first so the appropriate person with spending authority signs the invoice with the Fund/Orgn and expense account.

2.   Can I adjust an invoice?

When there needs to be an adjustment to an invoice Financial Services requires a revised invoice for the correct amount or a credit for the adjustment amount. Invoices that have been manually adjusted will be returned to the department to get a revised invoice.

3.   What if I do not know the expense code?

Look at the Revenue and Expense Codes for the appropriate expense account. Invoices without an expense account will be returned to the department to indicate the appropriate account.

4.   What if I only have a statement?

You will need to contact the vendor for an official invoice for any invoices on the statement.

5.   Will Financial Services pay invoices that are photocopies or faxed invoices?

The original invoice is required. If the vendor is not sending an original invoice the invoice needs to indicate that it is the certified original on it. 

Cheque Requisition Questions

1.   How do I complete a cheque requisition form?

To complete a cheque requisition form, please review the instructions.

2.   When is the Payee/Claimant Signature required?

If the Payee/Claimant is an individual and they are providing receipts of proof that they incurred an expense are require reimbursement, then their signature is required on the cheque requisition form. 

3.   What is the cheque requisition turnaround schedule?

Once Financial Services receives a completed cheque requisition form with all the required information and receipts and/or backup documentation (if applicable), Financial Services will process the request within ten (10) business days. Those on campus with Finance Self Service access, can confirm when the cheque requisition has been processed.

4.   Who needs to sign the cheque requisition to approve the expenditure?

The Unit Authority or Principal Investigator’s (or delegated spending authority where applicable) signature is required as approval for the expense on the organization indicated in the Fund/Orgn box.

When the spending authority is different than the reporting authority both signatures will be required.  Please review the Spending Authority Policy for further information.

Authorizing signature is required on all travel related documents.  Approval by the individual at a reporting or management level above that of the claimant (e.g. Department Chair/and/or Dean, Director, or Vice-President). Signature is required on all forms.

5.   Who can get an advance?

Employees who have previously paid for airfare with their University travel card can submit the itinerary and proof of payment. Upon return fill out a travel expense claim form and attach any boarding passes.  

Travel for Students and visiting lectures can be direct billed to the University.  Contact Maritime Travel for assistance. Other arrangements can be made through the Controller’s office to direct bill.

Each individual person must submit their own advance request; group advances will not be paid to individual credit cards.

6.   How do I get the withholding tax waived?

From CRA’s website, fill out an R105-08 waiver form prior to the service being completed. If CRA approves the waiver they will send a waiver letter for the particular service being performed. This letter must accompany the invoice and it can only be used for that particular service.

7.   What do I do if I want to donate my honorarium to charity?

Indicate on the cheque requisition the charity to be paid. Include a memo stating where the donation is to be made.

8.   How do I request petty cash?

Please review the Petty Cash requirements, then contact the Manager of Accounts to set up a petty cash account.

9.   How do I replenish my petty cash?

A cheque requisition form must be completed. Please review "How to replenish a petty cash account"  for further details.