Cheque Requisition

Please review the Cheque Requisition Policy and Procedures that govern the reimbursement of miscellaneous commitments which are not documented by an invoice from the Payee and the Cheque Requisition Instructions on how to complete a Cheque Requisition form.

There are seven (7) different types of payments that can be made on a cheque requisition form. Only one payment type can be used per Cheque Requisition form.

1) General Reimbursement: When an individual reimbursement of funds due to an expense that has already been incurred by the Payee. In this case, an itemized receipt and proof of payment is mandatory to support this payment type. If a company provides an invoice, a cheque requisition form is not required. Payment will be made directly from the invoice. This cannot be used as a method to purchase goods or services on behalf of the University or for a travel refund

2) Membership/Registration:  When a corporation or society requires payment for a membership or registration where the company or organization will not be issuing an invoice. Include proof of payment and membership/registration form.

3) Refund:  When monies previously received by Dalhousie needs to be returned to an individual or company, i.e. Dalplex membership, application fee. An explanation is required.

4) Travel Advance:  Advance requests are given where the expense has already occurred prior to the trip, i.e. Airfare, hotel deposit.  Itinerary and proof of payment is required. Advances are accountable and must be cleared within 30 days from return date of the trip. Additional advances will not be approved where there are outstanding advances over the 30 days. University employees can obtain a University Travel card by contacting Procurement Department.

For group traveling please refer to the Travel Claim section for instructions prior to booking travel.  All airline arrangements made on behalf of the University for students and visiting lectures can be directly billed to the University by invoice. Advances are not given for per diem allowance.

5) Honorarium:  When an individual provides a service for free and the Department wishes to provide the individual with a small token of thanks, if this box is checked, please indicate the person’s social insurance number, the date(s) this service was provided and a brief explanation of the service. Include on the cheque requisitions a description of the service that was provided to provide sufficient information identifying this as a token gift of thanks. The individual will receive a T4A related to these funds. Payments for honorariums to employees must be submitted through Human Resources on an Exception Payment Form.

6) Services Rendered:  When an individual (non-employee) provides a service for a specific time period, rate of pay and type of service. If the person is an employee, the reimbursement will be done through Human Resources. All services rendered payments require a Services Rendered Assessment Questionnaire to be completed prior to submitting a cheque requisition. Services rendered payments must be directly paid to the individual performing the service, Financial Services will not reimburse individuals who paid another party themselves to perform a service.

7) Other:  When the previous six (6) payment options do not apply. Example of this payment is; subject payments, deposits. Please provide an explanation of the payment and any supporting documentation.